Wei kaizong


Weikai Zong

I am currently an assistant professor in the Department of Astronomy in Beijing Normal University since 2019. Before, I held a joint postdoc fellowship between DA-BNU and NAOC Mega-science center after 2016 October when I won the doctoral degree from University de Toulouse, France. My working interests mainly focus on asteroseismology of compact pulsators, large surveys such as LAMOST and Kepler. I am among the first peers to discover the evidence of nonlinear interactions between resonant modes in pulsating sdB and white dwarf stars from Kepler photometry. With those findings, we (SC&GV@IRAP-CNRS) are also the first team to incorporate the contexts of amplitude and frequency modulations from radio physics to stellar oscillations. We (JNFu@BNU & PDC@ROB) currently lead the LAMOST-Kepler surveys in both low and medium resolution spectroscopy, aiming to observe the Kepler targets as many as possible. I have 20 publications currently mainly published on Nature, A&A, and ApJ series, with citation over 200. Began with my postdoc fellowship, I was awarded with four natural research funds over one million CNY, from the level of province to national.

Here are the selected publications

Zong, W., Fu, J.-N., De Cat, P., et al. Phase II of the LAMOST-Kepler/K2 survey. I. Time series of medium-resolution spectroscopic observations, 2020, ApJS, in press

Zong, W., Fu, J.-N., De Cat, P., et al. LAMOST Observations in the Kepler Field. II. Database of the Low-resolution Spectra from the Five-year Regular Survey, 2018, ApJS, 238, 30

Giammichele, N., et al (Zong, W.,8th). A large oxygen-dominated core from the seismic cartography of a pulsating white dwarf, 2018, Nature, 554, 73

Zong, Weikai, Charpinet, S., Fu, J.-N., et al. Oscillation Mode Variability in Evolved Compact Pulsators from Kepler Photometry. I. The Hot B Subdwarf Star KIC 3527751, 2018, ApJ, 853, 88

Zong, W., Charpinet, S. & Vauclair, G. Signatures of nonlinear mode interactions in the pulsating hot B subdwarf star KIC 10139564, 2016, A&A, 594, 46

Zong, W., Charpinet, S. & Vauclair, G., et al. Amplitude and frequency variations of oscillation modes in the pulsating DB white dwarf star KIC 08626021. The likely signature of nonlinear resonant mode coupling, 2016, A&A, 585, 22

Zong, W., Fu, J.-N., Niu, J.-S., et al. Discovery of Multiple Pulsations in the New {\ensuremath{\delta}} Scuti Star HD 92277: Asteroseismology from Dome A, Antarctica,AJ, 2015, 149, 84